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Arizona was originally adopted from CPL as a shy teen.  She was lost from her cat carrier during a vet trip and remained missing for many months.  On her returned she failed to settle and has lost much of her socialisation, making her difficult to handle.

Despite this she is a sweet-natured young cat who will blossom in a quiet home.  She will need a patient new owner with previous experience with challenging cats and an extended period indoors to ensure she settles properly.  She will probably never be a lap cat but will make a charming and entertaining companion.


Lucy is about 10 years old and came into CPL care when her owners moved and were unable to take her with them.

Lucy is a friendl girl who just wants to be loved.  She dribbles when contented, is active and likes to keep busy.  While she is not keen on being picked up she will happily come to you instead.  She is not keen on dogs.


Petra is about 9 years old.  She came into CPL care because her owner is travelling a lot and has not been able to give her the time and attention she deserves.

Petra is sweet but very shy.  Over the Christmas break she has started to come out of her shell and is friendly and affectionate once she knows you.  She will suit a quiet adult home and a patient new owner, and may need an extended period indoors to ensure she is properly settled.


Cassie is about 11 years old and came into CPL care when her owner moved overseas.  She is a sweet, gentle nana cat who is looking for a warm and loving home where she can enjoy her twilight years.

Cassie has lived with an elderly dog (please note that if you have a dog we need to see how they get along before agreeing to an adoption) and may be okay with children – we’re thinking grandchildren on visits rather than full-time littlies 🙂