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Tudor is about 5 years old and came into CPL care when his owner moved overseas.

Tudor is a big cat with a big personality.  He is friendly on his own terms but can be a handful if he doesn’t get his own way.  He is prone to stress issues – bladder trouble and overgrooming.  He is on a special diet which will need to be continued and is also a tad overweight.

He will be best as an only pet and will suit a calm adult home and experienced owner who is happy to work through his issues.


Pepper is about 9 years old and was surrendered to CPL because she was not coping in her home.

Pepper is a shy cat who can be as feisty as her name suggests but will blossom into an affectionate and playful companion once settled.  She is very protective of her private space but easily coaxed out with treats.  She will suit a quiet adult home with an experienced owner and no other pets.

Pepper is easily stressed and is on a special diet to help her to chill out.  She enjoys this and will benefit from it being continued in her new home.


Beautiful Fiona is 9-11 years old.  She has always been a feisty princess but her gentleman owner adored her anyway.  However, there were others in his accommodation complex who were not so understanding and he was beginning to fear for her safety, so he surrendered her to CPL.

Fiona is confident and friendly on her own terms.  She can be unpredictable when crossed so she will best suit an adult home and an experienced, patient new owner.  She might enjoy a large or rural property where she can have her own space and take out her frustrations on the rats and mice.  Her temperament has improved significantly on Royal Canin “Calm” biscuits.

Fiona recently became quite poorly and has been diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).  She is now on medication for this – which will need to be continued in her new home, and has made a good recovery.



Toluk is about 11 years old and came into CPL care when her owner moved to a new apartment where pets are not allowed.  This is her second time with CPL, she was adopted from us in 2012 (and was called Precious then).

Toluk is friendly and confident with a little bit of “tortitude” and will suit a quiet adult home. Her unusual name comes from a type of currency made from turtle shell.

Adopting an older cat can be very rewarding and they make great companions. As they are less active they tend to spend more time indoors and are less likely to get lost or injured. They are particularly suitable for owners who are themselves less active and/or spend most of their time at home.