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Roxy is about 13 years old.  We first met her in 2012 when she came to CPL as a very shy cat. She escaped from foster care – thankfully a rare occurrence – and could not be found.  As it turns out, she was taken in by kind people close to where she was lost.  When they moved house about a year ago she stayed behind and was fed by a neighbour who has now gone into care.  What a surprise when we got her back!

Roxy is still quite shy but much more relaxed than we remember – she must have learned from her adventures that humans are nice to have around.  She loves her food and will suit a quiet home and a patient, experienced new owner.



Minnie is about 10 years old and came into CPL care when her owners moved and were unable to take her with them.

Minnie is friendly and loves attention but can show a bit of “tortitude” when she’s had enough fuss.  She is not keen on dogs and, while she is used to children, at this stage in her life would probably prefer a nice quiet adult home in which to enjoy her twilight years.

Minnie has just had a dental and at the moment she is being picky with her food.  Her new owner will need to keep an eye on this and tempt her appetite if necessary.  During her stay at the cattery it has been observed that Minnie has some lower back pain – for which she is on an oral anti-inflammatory.


Toluk is about 11 years old and came into CPL care when her owner moved to a new apartment where pets are not allowed. This is her second time with CPL, she was adopted from us in 2012 (and was called Precious then).

Toluk is friendly and confident with a little bit of “tortitude” and will suit a quiet adult home. Her unusual name comes from a type of currency made from turtle shell.

Adopting an older cat can be very rewarding and they make great companions. As they are less active they tend to spend more time indoors and are less likely to get lost or injured. They are particularly suitable for owners who are themselves less active and/or spend most of their time at home.