Maya is about 1 year old.  She is a friendly and talkative youngster who enjoys attention on her own terms.  She will take time to settle but will blossom into a loyal and loving companion. Maya was surrendered to CPL with her 3 kittens (already adopted) because her owner was unable to … Continue reading

Adopted: Possum

Possum is about 9 years old.  She is a sweet nana cat looking for a quiet and caring home for her senior years.  She can be shy to start with but is a very loving lap-cat once she knows you.  She has a particularly sunny pen at the cattery as she loves to bask (and can get very … Continue reading

Adopted: Darcy and Bingley

Brothers Darcy and Bingley are about 5 years old and are gentle giants.  In keeping with their fictional namesakes, Bingley is outgoing and enjoys attention while Darcy is more aloof (although we don't think the original Mr Darcy would be as easy to tempt with cat biscuits). Darcy and Bingley … Continue reading

Adoted: Missy

Missy is 1-2 years old.  Quite wary on first arrival at the cattery, she has blossomed into an active and playful youngster who enjoys cuddles when she is relaxed. Missy was surrendered with one of her kittens (already adopted) because she was not comfortable with the child in her home.  … Continue reading

Adopted: Indy

Indy is about 1 year old and is a real whirlwind of a kitty who enjoys attention and cuddles once she has - eventually - tired herself out. She is friendly with people of all ages and will suit a home where she has plenty to keep her occupied.  We suspect she has some oriental-type heritage and … Continue reading