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The Cats Protection League Feline Fix Program

The History of The Feline Fix

In 2010, the Committee decided that it was time to make a difference to the huge cat problem in Canterbury and to try and stop the spread of feline aids and feline leukemia. Two of the aims in our Constitution relate to desexing cats so this fits in with what we do.

A plan called ‘The Feline Fix’ was approved and with the help of a bequest, free desexing was offered initially for six weeks in conjunction with nine vets. This was not sustainable but the results encouraged us to continue and subsidized desexing was offered instead.

We know the programme is making a difference and that we must continue with it to have any long term impact on the cat population or health in Canterbury. 

How does it work?

The Feline Fix program is open to Canterbury residents who are on a low income, so please have your Community Services Card handy.  We take your details and authorize the desexing then give you an authorization number and the vet details, (we try to send you to the vet nearest to you that is in our desexing program). 

You then ring the vet with the details and make an appointment and time. You pay the vets the set amount on the day, this amount depends on a few factors, but for a female it’s between $60 and $100 for a male it’s between $40 and $65

If you would like to microchip your cat at the same time of desexing this at an extra cost. The cost of microchipping is between $40 to $60 depending on which vet you are sent to.

We desex from 16 weeks of age.  If the cat has recently had kittens, those kittens need to be at least 6-8 weeks old before the vet will desex the mother cat.

Cats Protection League’s Feline Fix program works with fifteen vets across Canterbury.  If you are on a low income and have any undesexed cats that you can’t afford the normal cost to desex, please use the form below or ring us on (03) 376 6094 (Option 2) between 10am and 4pm Tues-Fri.  Please leave a message if the phone is busy and we will get back to you..

Apply for the Feline Fix Program

Your Details

Note: this needs to be your Community Services Card number not your WINZ client number. It starts with 0 on the front of the card - if you cannot find your card you can find this number on your MyMSD app, at the bottom of your personal details page.


Cat(s) Details

We desex from 16 weeks of age. If the cat has recently had kittens then the kittens need to be at least 6-8 weeks before the vet will desex the mother cat.
Microchipping is the best way of helping lost animals reunite with their owners - even many years after they went missing. Identification collars can be removed or fall off - microchips cannot.
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