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Surrender a Cat/Cats

This form is only to be competed after speaking to our office, and having your cat/cats placed on our wait list.

Cats Protection Leauge Canterbury New Zealand
Surrender Form
I am signing over care of the cat/kitten(s) here described to CATS PROTECTION LEAGUE (CANTERBURY) INC. I no longer wish to own this cat / cat is a stray which I have found

Health of the cat(s)

If known


Providing some details as to what the cat(s) is eating can greatly help us settle the cat(s) into life at the Cattery.
Please provide the brand name of the dry food this cat is currently eating.
Please provide the brand(s) name of the wet food this cat eats. If cat will prefers dry food please say so.

Cat(s) Personality

Along with our observations, this helps us rehome the cat(s) to an appropriate environment.
Please describe the cats personality ie shy, cuddly, bossy etc

Your Details

Your contact details and other information are retained solely by Cats Protection League Canterbury. Your information is confidential and only accessed by Cats Protection League staff - or may be released if required by law. You may check, update and request suppression of your details from our records by contacting the Secretary.
Cats Protection League Canterbury