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Welcome To CPL Canterbury

Jiggy, adopted in 2021

Helping the cats and kittens of Canterbury since 1971.  The Cats Protection League is a charitable trust – dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming the cats and kittens of the Canterbury region.  Our staff know each of our cats well and re-home them carefully to homes that suit the individual cat.  We also provide a range of services for cat owners. 

CPL are firm believers in desexing and microchipping our fluffy friends and run a desexing program called the “Feline Fix” for community services card holders.

Adopt a cat

Information about adopting a cat from us and cats for adoption

Services for cat owners

Find out about our "Feline Fix" program and more

Lost or found a cat?

Useful information for when you loose or find a cat

Support us

Find out ways you can support us

Success Stories

Updates from our adopted cats

Charity Shop

Information on where to find us

About CPL

How we got to where we are today, a brief history of CPL


Some frequently asked questions

Contact Us

How to get in contact with us

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Daisy - Adopted in 2019
Cats Protection League Canterbury