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Adopt a Cat

Cats and kittens are adopted from the Cats Protection League Cattery at 14 Charlesworth Street.  

Our experienced cattery staff love helping people find the right cat, and we take care to ensure that our cats and kittens are well matched to their prospective owners.  We pride ourselves in matching cats to people and on behalf of our cats we do not operate like a retail store or pet shop – allowing any animal to go to the first person that comes along.  Our re-homing staff carefully match our cats needs to any perspective owner, keeping the cats needs as our first and foremost responsibility. 

 As we are a rescue, some of our cats may need special care, or be shy and not be suitable for some households.  The more honest you are with us, the better the match!

The cattery can be contacted by phone at: 03 384 0006.  Though we are happy to take inquiries online and over the phone, potential adopters will need to make an appointment to visit the cattery before an adoption can take place.

Sally - Adopted during 2018

You will need permanent New Zealand residence.  You will also need to book an appointment to visit our cattery in person at 14 Charlesworth Street, Woolston, Christchurch.  You do not need to live in Christchurch to adopt, but we will never send a cat to someone sight unseen – you must visit in person first.

Firstly you need to make an appointment to visit the Cattery.  Phone (03) 384 0006 and leave a message if it goes to answerphone.  Appointments are best made before the day you expect to come in – to avoid dissapointment.

The homing process involves completing a short adoption form which outlines the terms of adopting a cat from CPL, and having most of the family meet the cat, especially any children who may be living with the cat or kitten.  The re-homing staff will introduce you to the cats and show you around the cattery.  If you own a dog you will be required to bring the dog into the cattery before we allow any adoption.  This is not to judge your dog, but to observe the cats reactions.  In the past we have seen unsuitable cats adopted out to a live with a dog (not by us).  This has resulted in the cat becoming so stressed that it has ripped out most of its fur, almost injured itself trying to escape the dog or caused inappropriate toileting by the cat due to the stress.  We believe in quality of life for our cats and try to be as fair to them as possible.  You can wait until you have found a cat you are interested in to schedule bringing your dog into the cattery – that way no dog is waiting in a hot car while its humans tour the cattery.

If we believe a cat you are interested in will not suit your circumstances, we will let you know.  Our cats needs always come first so please do not be offended if we turn you down for a particular cat.  There will always be a good reason.  Additionally, if the adoption does not work out for any reason, CPL will always take the cat back

Yes there is!  Much like lambs, kittens are generally not born during the winter months.  Each year is slightly different and as climate change affects the planet, the kitten season  is beginning to start earlier and last longer.  If you are unsure about when to start looking for a kitten, you can always call us and inquire as to when we estimate kittens will begin arriving.  Generally kitten season will be late Nov through to July.

Once your suitability for a certain cat has been approved by our rehoming staff, we will let you know how long this particular cat has to stay with us (cats must stay with us long enough to trust our staff who search for any cats that escape their new home too early and get lost.).  You are most welcome to visit your cat while you are both waiting – this helps the bonding process!

On the day you adopt your new cat, there is a short form to fill out which changes the cats microchip into your name.  We will talk you through what food your cat is currently on, when its next vaccinations are due and when the next worm and flea treatments are due.  You will receive an informative talk and we will answer any questions you have.  If your new cat has unique needs such as a medical condition, we will go through what the cats needs are in great detail for you.

All cats have been vet checked, microchipped, desexed, treated for any illness, vaccinated, wormed and treated for fleas.  Kittens will have been given their first vaccination, but depending on age will often still need their second and third.  Cattery staff will advise potential adopters of any vaccination requirements.  Cats over 12 months are also tested for feline aids and leukemia.

We will always take one of our cats back if it does not work out, or if your circumstances change.  Once a cat is in our system, they are in it for life as we love and care about each and every cat.  If you need to return a cat to us please ring ahead of time so that we can make sure we have a pen made up for the cat to go into.

Our adoption fees are very reasonable – and barely cover the money we put into treating and rehoming our cats.   We do have Eftpos but cannot accept Credit Cards at this time.

  • Kittens up to 8 months are $200 (subject to availability – please phone the cattery to see what is available).
  • Teenagers from 8 months to 12 months are $160 (subject to availability – please phone the cattery to see what is available).
  • Adult cats 1 year plus, from $120.
  • Pedigree cats – in the rare event that we have a cat of pedigree, the price will be more than our standard adoption rates.  This is not to make a profit, there is a good reason for this which can be explained in person.

Your new cat will need a few belongings.  You may already have some of these, or may not know where to start.  Below is a basic list

  • Litter box
  • Cat litter – at the Cattery we use wood pellets (for pellet fires).  The litter cats seam to hate the most is crystal litter.
  • Poop scoop (this will save you money)
  • Water bowl
  • Food bowl(s)
  • Secure cat carrier – please nothing cardboard!
  • Combs and brushes (essential for any medium or long haired cats – advice can be given on what type)

We sell some of these basic items at the Cattery.  However the size of the litter trays that we sell are only suitable for kittens or teens.  You can see what we sell at the Cattery here.

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