For Sale At The Cattery

We sell a few basic items at the Cattery.

Starter Packs $35

Ideal for kittens or teenagers.
Contains: Cat litter, kitten sized litter tray, poop scoop, bowl, blanket and an assortment of toys.

Top Loading Cat Carrier - $40

Suitable for adult cats and kittens, these carriers are safe and secure.

Basic Toys

Ring Toy (at the back) – $10

Catnip Balls (world famous in NZ) – $2 each

Mice Toys – $2 each

10L of Clay Cat Litter - $10

Single Bowl (Far left) – $2

Kitten/Teen Sized Litter Tray – $5

Double Bowl (Back Right) – $3

Poop Scoop – $2