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Update from Basil

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So happy to share this update, Basil found life at the cattery quite overwhelming:
We could not be more happy with how sweet Basil has settled in!
On the first day he was quite timid as expected however! that very night he came out from the hiding spot he had made in our wardrobe and explored the rest of the room, even jumping up on the bed and letting us pat him. By the end of the first week he was sleeping on our bed every night! After the first week we introduced him to the rest of the house, again he was shy at first but slowly became more confident. It took him a bit longer but by last week he was happily strolling around. One thing that we did not expect in him is how playful he is! So much so that we had to get him a cat tower after a few days, of which he ripped the ball on a string off within an hour. We definitely understand what you mean when you say they become a totally different cat when they’re in a happy comfortable home! Basil is super playful! he loves trying to catch our socks while we’re putting away washing and chasing a string in circles. He has a very jumpy strategy when it comes to hunting his jellyfish on a string! We love playing him, it is definitely good entertainment. We are so glad the Basil likes living here with us and we couldn’t be happier to have him, he is so sweet and affectionate. we love watching him curl up on the ottoman or sit on the windowsill in the sun watching the birds outside (his two fav spots!) and he loves to give headbutts! He constantly rubs his head against us or anything he can find, the most favourite item so far being a shoe. We cannot thank you enough for our sweet wee boy, we absolutely adore him and are ecstatic with how well he has settled.
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