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Update on shy Cleopatra

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cat lying under a chair playing with the chairs legs

It is especially fulfilling to post updates on cats who were timid at the cattery and who have blossomed in their new homes.  So delighted to share this update on Cleopatra:

We adopted Cleopatra on the 1st of August. She was a very timid cat, but you could tell she really just wanted lots of love and pats. She has really come out of her shell and is getting braver every day. She was quite scared of hubby for a long while, but now she just loves him. I’m pleased to say she really has bonded to me though.
She plays like a kitten, and is the most gentle cat we have ever had. No claws, no hissing. A very gentle soul, which is amazing for a rescue cat.
Thank you very much for allowing us to have Cleopatra in our lives.

Tabby cat standing beside a tussock, looking out over her garden Cat lying asleep, perfectly balanced on its back with her feet in the air Tabby cat lying on its side happily, next to an unseen persons feet

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